Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I get a pool pass?

A: Contact: 

The Team at Select Community Management, LLC

Phone: 743.663.1900
Fax: 734.663.0809

Q: What are the pool hours?

A: 9am to 8pm

Q: How do I pay my dues?

A: Contact: 

The Team at Select Community Management, LLC

Phone: 743.663.1900
Fax: 734.663.0809

Q: How do I get approval for my deck?

A: Send an email to

·         Note: As a board, to date, we have approved every deck plan we have seen

·         Note: The plans are approved and inspected from the township also to get a permit

Q: Are fences allowed in the subdivision?

A: Fences are not allowed in the subdivision

Q.My neighbors grass is too long. What do I do?

A: This needs to be submitted to the code violation department at Pittsfield Township;

·         Note: As a board we stay away from this because Pittsfield has a process in place for it.  Report a concern

Q: Why isn't there more information about rules, the HOA, and other community matters on the Hickory Pointe Facebook page?

A: The board has decided to keep HOA and legal matters off the community Facebook page. If you have a question or concern in regards to our community, please read meeting minutes and/or contact our management company or the HOA Board (see above for contact info.)

Q:  We need speed bumps in our subdivision!  Why doesn't our Board move forward on this?

A:  Our roads are the responsibility of the County Road Commission.  As an Association, we do not have the power to move forward on this.

Q: Can the Homeowner's Association improve the plowing in our subdivision?

A:  Our roads are the responsibility of the County Road Commission.  

Q: If our Bylaws do not cover an area of concern and there is a Township ordinance, how do I address this?

A: A Township resident can either file a complaint at under "Ordinances" or for non-emergent issues you can call the Pittsfield Township Police Depart at 734.944.4911.

Q: We are getting ready to list our house, how do we prove we're current on dues?  Where do we get the current bylaws?  How do things work when transitioning the property to the new owner?

A:  Forwarded these request(s) to the management company and visit this site's Bylaws section. 

Q: Can I put solar panels on my roof?

A:  For solar panels, or any structure, please contact the HOA board, through the HOA official email, for approval. 

Q: What is that pond, swamp area on the east side of our community?

A:  It is a detention pond that is considered a "common area" that our community is responsible for. Our HOA is reposnisble for upkeep of this area. This area does pose a risk, so please avoid it.

Q: Is it ok to put bags of dog poop down drains/sewers?

A:  No. At no time is this acceptable. 

Q: How can I get feedback, suggest an idea or seek clarification from the Board of Directors?

A:  You can email the Board at with questions, suggestions, requests for clarification etc.

Q: What do I do if I think there is a bylaw violation in our subdivision?  

A: You can contact the Property Management company or the Board regarding your concern.  Please include details and the address of the property.  The Board will review the complaint and the bylaws and proceed accordingly.

Q:  My neighbor told me about an action the Board took against them.  I want to know more about this, how do I do that?

A:  The Board reviews complaints, situations or events as they relate to the bylaws.  The Board must abide by the bylaws that are current at that time, regardless of a Board member's own personal thoughts, values or preferences.  The Board will not disclose the context or history of situation that resulted in an outcome for a homeowner. With respect for the homeowner, the Board considers that history and information to be private.  Therefore, the Board will not explain, defend or clarify a situation and must remain mute.