Pool Opening 2018-Delayed due to weather

Post date: May 24, 2018 1:18:26 PM


As you may remember, our spring season was very delayed this year which postponed the work required before our pool can open.  Opening the pool requires passing inspection by the Township (inspection of chemical balance in the pool as well as the facilities and infrastructure).  Once the weather cooperated, the Board and the management company have been diligently working so our pool could open on Memorial Day weekend.  If you're not aware, we had significant concrete problems that required fixing before the pool could open.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperative.  The extensive rains has prohibited the pouring of the new concrete.  At this time, we are hopeful the concrete will be poured in the next couple of days, however it will not cure in time for an inspection prior to the weekend.  So, the pool will not be opening this weekend though we will focus on having it open as as possible.