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Spray for ticks? Please weigh in.

posted May 13, 2021, 5:26 AM by Laura Higle
We recently had a homeowner share their dog came back from the common area in their backyard with a tick.  The homeowner requested we consider spraying common areas for ticks.  Ticks have been increasing in numbers over the years and the more there are, the more they reproduce.  Brief research indicates they lay their eggs in the spring.  

The Board requested our Property Management get us a quote and some information.  We received the quote and the chemical they would use is "Crosscheck", manufactured by Lesco.  This is the link to the product page:  Lesco Crosscheck EZ Granular Insecticide - Lesco, Inc. - | Greenbook  

We have yet to make a decision and wondered if any homeowners have any wishes/ concerns/ thoughts on this?  We would appreciate feedback.  I think you can post comments to announcements here or you can email the Board at .  Thank you in advance, your feedback is important to us.