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Pool vs. COVID 19 - Update June 15 2020

posted Jun 15, 2020, 11:26 AM by Laura Higle
Washtenaw Public Health has shared their requirements for pools in order to minimize the impact of COVID 19 .  The guidelines include screening residents as they come into the pool area, reporting of COVID 19 infections to public health, social distancing expectations and hourly cleaning of bathrooms.  Beyond this, the guidelines also include the presence of an employee present onsite during all open hours. This would require 84 man hours which would be a significant impact on our budget.  Additionally, the employee would require supervision and COVID monitoring as well - which is beyond the scope of the volunteer Board members.  Therefore, given the impact on our budget and additional requirements, we are not able to meet these expectations so the pool will remain closed due to the strict public health expectations.  If the guidelines become less strict, we will, of course, reevaluate.

In the meantime, we are hoping to pursue needed repairs on the pool.  It is also possible the budget line items pertaining to the normal opening and maintenance of the pool may put us below budget for expenses.  However, our homeowner dues support much more than just the pool.  We do not yet know how we might respond to the possibility of being under budget on expenses.  

Please note - we have recently been informed of individuals trying to access the pool despite it being closed.  Any entry into the pool area while it is closed will be considered Trespassing.  There are cameras which can help us monitor compliance.

We know this is a disappointing announcement and we are disappointed as well.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.